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Long Band Set



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The Long LEAN Bands comes in a set of three to accommodate for the different styles of workouts and the different areas of the body. These bands can replace weights at home or make your gym workouts even more intense.
Different Strengths:
Aqua: Medium – For core and upper body exercises
Black: Strong – Upper body and some leg exercises
Purple Rose: X Strong – Legs, glutes and other full and lower body exercises.
Included in the set:
3x durable fabric LEAN Long Bands (Medium, Strong, X-Strong)
Rubber LEAN logo
Stretchable fabric material
Cotton drawstring bag
Perfect for: All resistance and full bodyweight workouts. Each strength of band can be used for training different body parts, depending on how much resistance you require.
Bag: Every band comes in a dusky pink cotton bag with a cream draw string, each with a LEAN motivational message. This is perfect for storing the bands in your gym bag... Or anything else you fancy!